The road from Pavelko to Vilkul is $ 30 million long

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The story of how Pavelko’s people deceived the state «Rodovid Bank», which resulted in the enrichment of people Vilkul.

Information sponsor of this text became journalists of one of the TV channels. Which appealed to us after the People’s Deputy from the PPB Andriy Pavelko began to fall into various corruption stories.

They found our text of 2013 about how Pavelko and his team tried to trick the state «Rodovid Bank» and asked what this story ended. We also became interested.

We will not be able to tell our first article: it can be read here. If in three paragraphs, then the scheme was classical. The commercial firm has borrowed UAH 212 million in “Rodovid” (the rate was 8: 1) and for this money bought in the Dnipro the cultural and entertainment complex «Opera». They bought it from Pavelko, who was then the president of the «Opera».

The mortgage on the loan became the building of the complex and «trash» of the little-known OJSC, owned by the same Pavelko.

The buyer company had a nominal owner and director, but the real beneficiaries were also visible, since this company was located on the territory of another People’s Deputy — Denis Dzenzersky.

It is clear that no one was going to give up. It came down to the fact that the creators of the scheme tried to prove in the courts that the nominee owner of the company that took the loan, was incomplete mind in the literal sense.

The “Rodovid” itself in the courts from time to time played «concessionaires» until the firm, and its name — «Industrial Building Company», did not go bankrupt. As of the writing of our first text there was only one unknown: how much money will the state receive? But to believe that patriotic deputies will give the whole debt, that is, «Opera» — it was complicated.

Now we can tell how the next events developed

“Rodovid”, which complained about other decisions, for some reason did not even try to cancel a ruling by which the court recognized the «IBC» bankrupt. Although the bank already had in court a court order to recover debt, or more precisely — the premises of the «Opera».

Court appointed Vitaliy Levchenko as liquidator on the application of «IBC». He also organized bidding at the “Regional Universal Stock Exchange”, where he sold the «Opera».

So, in early July 2016, an auction with an initial value of UAH 346.58 million did not take place due to the lack of participants. A month later, on August 4, a repeat auction did not happen for similar reasons.

The auction ended on August 26th. Initial cost of UAH 221.81 million declined until it turned out to be willing. The buyer appeared for UAH 24.34 million. The winner is LLC «Ukrsab». In brief, about the beneficiary — these are close people to the people’s deputy Alexander Vilkul (more on the links below).

As a result, according to the FDG, after liquidation in November 2017, «IBC» its debt to “Rodovid” remained in the amount of UAH 321.92 million (more fines and interest were incurred).

This story has made us think about one philosophical thought. Local elites can be in completely different parties and, if they like, scream at each other in direct broadcast.

However, there is something that unites them much more. This is money. Even if you look at this story: Pavelko first was in the «Fatherland». There is also Dzenzersky. In the time of Yanukovych, Pavelko leaves the «Fatherland». And after Maidan becomes a deputy from the PPB.

The Presidential Party fights in every way with one of the leaders of the opposition — Vilkul.

But it is exactly he three years after the Maidan closes the scheme of withdrawal from the state bank. It is the scheme, which started the deputies from the «Fatherland» and the Petro Poroshenko Bloc. It is not surprising that a number of criminal proceedings in this story were choked at the first stages.

We can only record these stories and tangent to them the names for the future. So in the end we will leave a big posts scriptum about the beneficiaries. Suddenly, it will ever be useful to descendants who will live in a country where there is a «political will to change».

Post scriptum: about connections with Vilkul

The firm «Industrial Building Company», which in January 2010 borrowed UAH 212 million in the state bank for the purchase of the “Opera” complex of Andriy Pavelko, connected with the family of Dzenzersky.

According to the materials of the pre-trial investigation, Alexander Shepelev, who was called an unofficial «curator» of “Rodovid”, promoted the issuance of the loan. Shepelev is father-in-law of the ex-head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration Sergey Kasyanov, a former associate of People’s Deputy Alexander Vilkul.

In 2017, Kasyanov accused Vilkul of raiding of the pig farm LLC «Rentier», which they developed together. In particular, Kasyanov in an interview with «Mirror of the Week» said that in 2012 his share in «Rentier» he redeemed Alexander Vilkul and Vadim Spenov, former assistant to Vilkul, who is now a People’s Deputy. According to Kasyanov, he transferred $ 5 million to their firm «Zarmiya». In this case, Kasyanov named the lawyer Andriy Shumilov: «At that time, they had a beneficiary Mr. Kurinny, who was replaced by Andriy Shumilov from 2015».

Andriy Shumilov is a former co-founder of «Ukrsab» (current owner of the “Opera” complex), which is closely connected with Vilkul. In particular, in 2016, Shumilov, together with Vilkul’s mother-in-law, Maria Kondratyuk, was founded “Logistic Investment Company Ltd”. Also, they simultaneously became the founders of LLC «1520» for a short time at the end of 2016. Interestingly, a year after Pavelko led the FFU, Shumilov became the head of the FFU Control and Disciplinary Committee. Note that Pavelko knows Vilkul for a very long time and considers as «one of the best public managers».

Interestingly, “Ukrsab” still has Kharkiv telephone numbers (“Ukrsab” was previously registered in Kharkiv at 17 Yuryivska St.) — 7666189 and 7666191, although the company was registered in Dnipro in 2016. The same phone numbers and the old address of the residence of «Ukrsab» are indicated in LLC «Abko-Ukraine», co-founder of which is Andriy Shumilov.

To Vilkul, Spenov, as well as the People’s Deputy Vadim Nesterenko (this is former deputy of Vilkul, when he headed the Dnipropetrovsk oblast state administration), also deduct current and former directors of “Ukrsab” Volodymyr Gontaruk and Denis Donets and Sergey Didenko respectively. In particular, Gontaruk was a co-founder of the LLC “Dnipropetrovs’k Mill Machinery” («DMM») together with LLC «NBK “Top”, whose director is Nesterenko’s assistant, Firs Vlasyuk.

Donets in 2008-2011 was the director of the «Legal Alliance» Ltd (also registered in Kharkiv at 17, Yuryivska St.), the co-founder was Shumilov.

In turn, Sergey Didenko is a husband of the deputy of the Dnipropetrovsk city council Natalia Lutsenko, who was elected from the «Opposition bloc», whose list was headed by Alexander Vilkul. Lutsenko is the financial director of the “Bread Factory №10” that belongs to People’s Deputy Nesterenko, works in the “Regional Legal Group” of Shpenov, and is also a co-founder of LLC “Apostolivagromash”, along with Oksana Rabkovska (former co-founder of “DMM”) and Roman Sorochak.

Shorochak and liquidator of «IBC» Vitaliy Levchenko is a co-founder of the «Vodogray» community. Another co-founder of this cooperative is the former head of communal enterprises “Dniprovodokanal” and “Aulsk Vodovid”, Konstantin Orel. According to Youcontrol, Levchenko and Orel previously headed the Dnipropetrovsk regional public organization «Office of Social Protection of Veterans and Disabled of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine».

Vitaliy Levchenko in 2009 was a representative in court on behalf of the company «Rentier-Dnepr» in the bankruptcy case of OJSC «Ingulets mining and concentrating combine». The founder of this company is Alexander Novikov from Krivoy Rog, who, along with Roman Sorochak, is the founder of the “Delipri” Commodity Exchange.

In the autumn of 2017, the seals of all these companies of Vilkul, Nesterenko and Spenov, including the Cypriot company “Briosila Menegment Ltd”, which is now the founder of “Ukrsab”, confiscated by the investigators from the trunk of the car. In total there were more than 100 seals of related companies, as well as local courts and the communal “Aulsk Vodovod”.

The above persons, including the liquidator Vitaliy Levchenko, are involved in the bankruptcy of a number of utility companies in the Dnipro and the region. The most scandalous and well-known public of them was the «Specialized repair and construction division» (the withdrawal of 96 communal objects in the Dnipro), the regional «Agroproekt Tekhbud» (the withdrawal of real estate in the Dnipro), the «Sport-Invest» (withdrawal over 300 hectares in the Dnipro district).

But this is another story. Meanwhile, according to the data of the court registry, the “Opera” company, founded by Pavelko, calmly continues to use the premises of the “Opera” club.

Alexey Shalaisky, Iryna Sharpinska

Источник: Vse.Media



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