Macedonia: 6 wrongly convicted to receive hefty compensation

SKOPJE, Macedonia — Macedonia’s government will reportedly pay a total of 1.2 million euros ($1.36 million) in compensation to six people wrongly convicted on terrorism-related charges.

Local TV station Sitel is reporting the compensation includes 5,500 Macedonian denars ($101.40) for each day they spent in prison, plus trial costs.

The six, along with five others on the run, were sentenced in 2011 for allegedly planting a mine on a local road in 2003 that killed two NATO soldiers and a Macedonian national. The key witness for the prosecution was later found to have been tortured by police.

The six were provisionally released in 2015. The state prosecutor’s office decided to abandon the case last year.

The five people convicted in absentia will not receive compensation.




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