Julie Bishop declares the Coalition can win — and she intends to stay


National Party deputy leader Paula Bennett came to Ms Bishop’s defence on Friday morning by rejecting that report.

«Repeatedly Julie Bishop said she believes the Coalition will win,» Ms Bennett said.

Ms Bishop has been the subject of regular speculation she might leave politics at the election after a career including five years as foreign minister and more than 20 years in Parliament.

Ms Bishop was deputy leader of the Liberal Party from the end of 2007, after the defeat of the Howard government, to August last year when she stood for the leadership against Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton and chose not to contest the deputy leadership.

«I am the pre-selected Liberal candidate for the seat of Curtin [and] it’s my intention to run,» Ms Bishop said on Thursday.

Asked several times further about her plans, she repeated it was her «intention» to contest the election.

«My ambition coming into politics was actually to be a foreign minister and I have achieved that, so my aspirations have been fulfilled and I am now the member for Curtin,» she said.

Источник: Theage.com.au

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