Hot in herre: Beamed back to the ’90s with all the right moves

Never Ever sent the crowd into a tizz before the gyrating girl band closed with Pure Shores, which even the men in the audience seemed to know the words to.

Craig David, despite being second on the line-up, was arguably the most anticipated. And how could he not be, with Walking Away,  the popular track he produced at 16. The venue offered top-notch sound quality, and when he transformed into a rapping genius in front of his adoring middle-aged crowd, you could hear every word with crystal-clear clarity.

And we were reminded this early-2000s icon was no one-hit wonder, with the likes of Rise and Fall and 7 Days leaving ticketholders begging for more.

The evening ended with Nelly, dressed in his signature sunglasses despite it being dark, legitimately appeared to enjoy performing his aging R&B tunes.

A true stage performer, Nelly had the audience screaming out his killer lyrics as fans were transported back to every sweaty ’90s/Noughties nightclub with Hot in Herre, Hey Porsche and Dilemma. 

And Ride Wit Me? Hello teen years! I was instantly taken back to So Fresh 2001, surely the top-selling of all time purely because it gave young people in classrooms the world over access to this career-defining hit.

Mount Duneed Estate offers up an incredible venue to showcase music to a large audience while never sacrificing sound quality. Please RNB never leave us.




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