Elrich: Mariners win means nothing if Wanderers don’t back it up

Elrich, who scored in the win, described the feeling as «getting the monkey off of our backs», suggesting it provided a much needed boost  to the player’s morale and confidence.


«Look, you forgot what that feeling was like. It’s good to finally walk into the change room and talk to the guy next to you with a smile on your face. It’s been a very miserable couple of months,» he said.

The players had a heart to heart with coach Markus Babbel during the week leading up to their match against Central Coast where his criticism of the squad was brought up, among other things.

«We know Markus and what he’s like,» Elrich said. «Whatever he said in the media, he’s said to us as well. It’s not like we heard it first hand in the media. For us, we took it first hand, the reaction he wanted from us.

«Everything he said was true. He’s proud of our efforts even though it hasn’t been the greatest of years. We had a heart to heart but in saying that, he’s been positive towards us all week in training as well.»

The Australian international scored the first for his side with a dangerous cross towards the far post, deceiving Mariners goalkeeper Ben Kennedy witha curling shot. It was his first ever goal for the Wanderers — a club he initially joined back in 2012 for one season.

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