Ecocide of Brodsky’s TPP: for money of EBRD, vegetables and cereals are poisoned with radioactive ash from Chernobyl

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Ukrainian swindlers and corrupt officials have learned how to deceive Europeans on a large scale.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which allocated about $ 10 million to the bio-ecological TPP near Kiev, became a victim. During the construction of various norms were violated. And now the company, which is associated with businessman and politician Mikhail Brodsky, burns radioactive wood from Chernobyl.

Radioactive ash

Imagine a situation: you buy vegetables or cereals, and soon your children or you feel unwell. The reason is incomprehensible. You have to spend time, nerves, money for going to the doctors, searching for the necessary information on the Internet, etc. You might be surprised, but the poisoning of the body specifically in your case could be financed by bankers from the EBRD. Initially, they issued a loan for the construction of the Ivankov bio-thermal power plant, and then showed helplessness in a situation when the public understood the scale of the disaster.

Burning wood from Chernobyl, the Ivankov TPP (LLC “Biogazenergo”) produces ash. It is used in agriculture for growing vegetables and cereals. For example, the police documented the emissions of ash on the lands of agricultural firms from the Borodyansk and Makarovsk districts of the Kiev region.

The situation unthinkable for the EU countries has become a reality: having spat on all the safety standards, the TPP continues to work, bringing good money to its owner and its partner. But the question is not only in vegetables contaminated with radiation, it is about an environmental disaster.

Total lie

It was 2014. A local man posted a video with incredible noise, which TPP makes.

In the description, the author says that the video file does not convey the full power of the noise. He adds that the residents of Ivankov during the warm season cannot sleep with the windows open. What can we say about the air, which is a poisonous fume?

In one of the investigations, journalists noted that the whole project was a wild lie and corruption. The lie began when filing documents, when the unfortunate owner tried to understate the level of complexity of the project. Hoping for corruption opportunities, he filed a plan with the third level, and only after several inspections of state bodies, the TPPs assigned the fifth one.

Of course, if the project had been implemented within the framework under which the EBRD loan funds were raised, the noise level would not have turned out to be critical either.

And this is the screen from the video of Ivankovsk activists:

These are the oak trees imported and fired at the power plant. They are called alternative fuels at the station…

Strange things happen at the factory. In 2017, LLC “Biogazenergo” requested a special permit from the Kiev Regional Council for the use of mineral resources. The stations needed additional wells with water, although the technological process did not provide for the requested amount of this resource. The head of the Kiev City Council Environmental Commission, Maxim Zapaskin, said at that time that the Ivankovsk District Council had asked the deputies of the regional council not to support the activity of this enterprise.

The deputy of the Ivankovsk District Council Sergey Gryshchenko noted in the commentary to the Kiev Authority newspaper that the company emits nitric acid and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. “As soon as the TPP falls under the scope of television cameras, it immediately stops working. Most of all, owners are afraid of publicity in Europe. This is an ambitious project, implemented with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. We, representatives of the community, warned the EBRD at the time that this project would lead to an environmental disaster, but we were not heard. They financed a real ecocide. And now we are constantly calling media workers to us, including from Europe, so that as many people and organizations can learn about this TPP”, — says Sergey Gryshchenko.

To assess the level of disaster, imagine that this is not the last phase of construction, which the project suggested. Now the station is designed to produce 6 MW, and the plans were to expand the capacity initially to 12 and then to 18 MW. For the district, this would mean turning into an environmental garbage dump.

Names of the problem

This problem has specific first and last names. The businessman Alexey Butenko took the money from the EBRD. His fortune is estimated at about $ 70 million. He is a typical investor with no preference regarding specific types of activities and investing money in projects that promise profits. So it seemed to him, TPP in Ivankov is one of such a project.

But this time, Butenko let down his business sense: deciding to earn more, he considered it possible not only to be credited to the EBRD, but also to make “adjustments” to the project in order to increase profitability. This is reflected in the ecology, the locals sounded the alarm. Realizing that the TPP can close, Butenko began to look for someone who would provide him protection. Old acquaintances brought him to Mikhail Brodsky, a well-known businessman-crook in Kiev.

Star of Brodsky caught fire in the 90s, when he served the interests of the group of criminal authority «Kisel». Then the company «Dandy» was created through which the «black cash» was legalized. Soon Brodsky opened the “Observer” edition, making it a profitable business through the publication of customized compromising materials about influential people. He participated in all sorts of scams, and then gained the reputation of «professional scammer».

One of the last great scams of Brodsky, who calls himself «overseer for Kiev», is connected with the Kiev River Port (more on that below). Also, Brodsky is the president of the Basketball Federation of Ukraine. He did not escape the scandal, having received allegations of making money on selling players. And most of all in life, Mikhail Yuriyevich loves and appreciates Italy. He bought an expensive villa there, for himself and his children. He is a real patriot.

No one will say how much exactly Brodsky earns with partner Alexey Butenko at the Ivankov TPP: an enterprise built for “white” European money has gone into “shadow”. No reports. The public and deputies are trying to stop the station, but this has so far proved unreal.

The Kiev Authority edition was the first to point out its trail in the Ivankov ecocide. Since March 2017, TPP has been headed by a certain Sergey Boyko. He became notorious in November 2016, when the media reported that the director of the Kiev river port was beaten.

Sergey Boyko continued to be director of the port, taking up the duties of director of thermal power plant. He is also the leader of the Kiev regional organization of the Free Democrats Party of Mikhail Brodsky. Is it coincidence? No, it is not.

“Ukrainska Pravda”, citing journalists from the “Scheme” anti-corruption project, calls businessman Brodsky one of the owners of the Kiev river port. True, he didn’t really hide himself: his son Yuriy publishes posts on Facebook with quite understandable messages about his personal (!) plans for a river port.

Mikhail Brodsky more than once uses a similar scheme of control over the enterprise in exchange for dividends. Earlier, the media wrote that he had helped BRSM-Neft to avoid the billionth penalty for tax evasion, having agreed with his friend, the former head of the SFS, Roman Nasirov. In exchange, Mikhail Yuriyevich’s brother, Evgeny, headed the company. As we see, the situation with the Ivankovo TPP is the same: it became increasingly difficult for the owner of the company, Alexey Butenko (also, by the way, to the multimillionaire), to defend himself under the pressure of the public. To avoid business closure, he negotiated a “partnership” with Mikhail Brodsky. To control the financial flows, Brodsky appointed his director at the TPP. This man was not a brother (thermal power plants are not BRSM, the scale is smaller), but a longtime associate subordinate Sergey Boyko.

Do not hesitate, it was all that way. These people are not interested in anything but money. What about ecology? We do not know. What about children’s health? Do not make me laugh! If Butenko and Brodsky wanted to rectify the situation, believe me, the media campaign to the new director Sergey Boyko would be provided.

Irresponsibility of the EBRD and Brodsky’s reserve “airfield”

The situation in Ivankov is on the verge of — people are talking about physical reprisals against property owners and power, which gave permission for construction. “I would not be surprised if in the future our men will take up arms and come with reprisal to the owner of the power plant, Alexey Butenko. Then they will come to the head of the district administration Maxim Lisogor and to the former leaders Alexander Lelyak and Stanislav Polishchuk. The authorities together with the law enforcement authorities are inactive, and, most likely, everything will with bloodshed”, — the same deputy Gryshchenko noted in 2017.

Now we understand that to the names voiced by the deputy you must also add Mikhail Brodsky. But you will not come to him with a weapon: Mikhail Yuriyevich is a sly and perspicacious man, for cases of lustration or similar to Ivankov’s discontent, he has a mansion in Italy.

Whether Butenko and Brodsky, as well as their would-be managers for ecocide, will depend not only on the public, but also on the EBRD? The European Bank, whose money has caused an environmental catastrophe, must be responsible for the infrastructure projects that it finances. It is time to rein in those swindlers. If in Ukraine it is difficult because of corruption, then at least in Italy. There is cleaner air.

Natalia Todavchich

Источник: Vse.Media



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