Convicted murderer Kai Yuen gets added time for prison stabbing

Yuen is in custody for the murder of his former friend Brendan Scott Welsh and an earlier jail assault.

This conviction resulted from a fight between Yuen and another inmate where Yuen armed himself with a small blade.

At an earlier appearance the court was shown graphic footage in which Yuen and the other detainee can be seen throwing punches at each other before the other detainee is seen wiping blood from his face and leg.

The victim suffered lacerations to his face, chest, abdominal area, hip, knee and arms, some of which cut into muscle tissue and required plastic surgery.

In sentencing Yuen, Justice Chrissa Loukas-Karlsson said while both Yuen and the victim had engaged in the fight, the fact Yuen had armed himself and the serious injuries inflicted on the victim made it a serious offence.

She said between 2013 and 2018 Yuen had been the subject of 20 disciplinary actions in the jail, had been put into segregated accommodation numerous times and had been abusive towards corrections staff.

However, she added that Yuen had displayed satisfactory behaviour since mid-2018 and shown remorse for his actions.

A photograph of some of the injuries Kai Yuen inflicted on a fellow prisoner.

A photograph of some of the injuries Kai Yuen inflicted on a fellow prisoner.

She described Yuen’s prospects for rehabilitation as guarded, noting the positive results he had achieved in both tertiary studies and employment in the jail.

More than 20 certificates of Yuen’s achievements in educational programs at the jail were tendered to the court.

Justice Loukas-Karlsson also acknowledged Yuen’s childhood where he was subjected to racial abuse and his previous issues with drugs and alcohol.

Ultimately, Justice Loukas-Karlsson said Yuen remained a risk to society and also acknowledged the need for deterrence in the sentence.

But she told Yuen that despite the number of years in custody ahead of him it was not too late to turn things around, particularly crediting his studies and employment.

«This time does not have to be wasted,» Justice Loukas-Karlsson said.

«You have potential.»

Elliot Williams is a reporter for The Canberra Times

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