Collingwood skipper Stephanie Chiocci says winning, not scoring, her only concern

Her comments come as AFLW teams have often struggled to kick more than three to four goals per game in the competition’s first two seasons, which not only gives fans less to cheer about but creates problems for broadcasters.

The AFL has been trying to create rules to encourage scoring in AFLW as the game evolves, and there were four scores of 48 points an above in the opening round last week.

«Obviously we would like to be kicking goals and winning games but if we win a game and kick a low score, that means absolutely nothing to us,» Chiocci said.

Collingwood coach Wayne Siekman moved the team’s best player Ashleigh Brazill into the middle in the final quarter in an attempt to get the ball forward.


Siekman said he noticed the spark the team derived from Sarah Dargan’s goal and showed the importance of finding triggers within games to create that energy.

«We just went to another gear,» Siekman said.

«The energy that came from that goal got the team up.»




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