Brisbane airport heroes praised for defusing knife emergency

«I knew I had to get out there… I saw two other guards who had come and were yelling at the gentleman to put the knives down,» he said.

«In a matter of minutes, we cleared out the food court and maintained that cordon around him and everyone maintained their positions.

«He kept trying to come forward at me and pointed a blade at me.

«My military experience kicked into gear and I remained calm and held my ground and we kept him there.»

When the 50-year-old man had sat down at a table with his knives, security supervisor Wayne Russell told 7 News he leaped into action.

«I came up behind him and grabbed his knives and had them behind my back as I backed away,» he  said.

Mr Ingold said he felt the situation was under control until the man pulled out the device.

«When that trigger came into play I was concerned for my colleagues and the thousands of people could’ve been harmed and it was, difficult,» he said.

«I was at that time trying to assess what the device was and whether it was legitimate and we tried to talk and reason with him but the language gap was a problem.

«All I remember him saying was ‘I’ve got a bomb, stay away’.»

Mr Ingold said the Australian Federal Police arrived quickly to take over while the security guards continued to clear each floor and guide people out fo the airport.

A ceremony at the terminal on Friday saw five security guards who assisted in the incident receive awards as well as 15-year veteran and Brisbane Airport operations duty manager Natalie Hanna.

«I couldn’t have asked anything more from the team, not just the immediate responders but every staff member who was on shift that night,» she told 7 News.

Brisbane Airport Corporation told 7 News it was reviewing incident to ensure their processes and security team could better respond to anything worse than could happen in future.

Jocelyn Garcia is a journalist at the Brisbane Times, covering breaking news.




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